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Your donation aids the heroic families living in Hebron, supports the courageous
IDF soldiers who keep the city safe, and maintains the holy sites and the Tomb of our forefathers and mothers.

On these High Holidays we are praying for you in the holy city of Hebron, Israel.
We hope you enjoy your calendar and that it connects you to Hebron throughout the year.

With a donation to Hebron you will receive both a print and downloadable copy of the New 2023/2024- 5784 Hebron Fund 16 month Artists Calendar - featuring original artwork from three Hebron artists.

*NOTE : If you are a Hebron Fund donor, and you do not receive your calendar by September 1st,  please contact our office.

Blessings from Hebron for a Happy and Healthy New Year

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Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.  Tax ID# 11-2623719. 
Checks payable to: The Hebron Fund, 1760 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Call (718)677-6886 or email
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